Taplin Real Estate was formed in 1932 when Wilfred Taplin opened an Estate Agency in Glenelg and to this day the company continues to operate in Glenelg.

After a period of time, he introduced his son, Noel Taplin to the Real Estate industry and took him under his professional wing.

In 1970, Noel Taplin succeeded Wilfred as the Managing Director of Taplin Real Estate and began a strong growth in the business.   Noel was an innovator who recognised the changing face of the retailing in the 1960’s and moved ahead to satisfy the newly emerging demands of the business.  Mitcham Square Shopping Centre is one of the  prominent Taplin investments and stands today as a particular testament to their business attributes.

The Taplin Group further expanded their operation and opened a city office in 1949 and is currently operating from the premises at 99 Gouger Street, Adelaide as well as 79 Jetty Road, Glenelg.

Noel Taplin then introduced his son, Andrew Taplin, into the business in 1985 forming a close and productive working relationship and together they have been instrumental in the expansion and ongoing refurbishment of the Group’s retail investment portfolio including the development of Mawson Lakes Shopping Centre.

Taplin Group is the oldest operating family owned real estate business in South Australia and has operated for more than 85 years and continues to grow and innovate and currently manages several billions of assets within its portfolio.

It is a true South Australian success story built on a consistent vision and a good measure of hard work as well as a keen eye into the future.

When you are associated with the Taplin Group, you are tapping into this long history and the rich vein of knowledge that runs through it.