Tom Taplin

Tom Taplin

Residential Property Manager

Meet Tom – a Glenelg local, making waves in real estate.

Tom Taplin is Australia’s youngest fully qualified Sales Agent & Property Manager, becoming fully qualified at only 16! Tom is no stranger to the residential market, having joined the industry before he finished school!

Tom prides himself on keeping his communication and standard of work to an unsurpassable level, which is noticed in his numerous testimonials. Tom has already developed a wealth of skills and knowledge that no course can teach, as well as a creditable reputation within the community.

Today, Tom manages a residential portfolio based in the Southern Suburbs and has made it very clear to his already existing clients he is here for the long term. Tom’s enthusiasm and passion for real estate is like no other agent and his desire to exceed client targets is unbelievable.

It’s more than likely Tom is sitting at his desk closing deals. Let him be the key to your property success and start a long term, prodigious relationship today!

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