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Hi Tahlia,

 We’ve found a place, and signed a lease. We can’t thank you enough for the support and professionalism you’ve showed us these past few weeks, your service has been second to none and you can be sure that if we or anyone we know needs a rental or buying/selling in the western area, you’ll be our first recommendation. 

Thank you sincerely,

Simon, Tony & Pat. 

I have used Taplin Real estate for many years now to manage my properties, I have always found them to be professional, very  well organised and efficient. I would also like to make special mention of my property manager Rebecca Sypek who does a fantastic job. Thank you Taplin and Rebecca.  Best Regards Jason

Rebecca has been our family Property Manager for many years. We were originally from SA and now live interstate. So managing  a property can be a little tricky if you haven’t got the right eyes and ears working for you! Rebecca hasn’t only got the best set of eyes and ears for our properties, she’s got the gift of the gab when it comes to communication with Landlords and tenants alike. Thank you for successfully managing our investments for us while we away …It means we always get to keep a bit of SA with us always. Thanks Kendall

Dear David,

 Although still officially in the settlement period, I would like to formally thank you for the work you did to sell my house at 20 Gray Court Adelaide and to emphasize what a good experience it was for me as your client. From the first consultation, discussions about preparation of the house were realistic and measured. It soon became evident I was working with someone who well understood the elements of what we were about to embark on.

 Living in another state, undertaking renovation works remotely had its concerns for me as I believe it would for most people. But after making the decision to proceed and then flying over to select the bathroom fittings, I was confident we were heading down the right track. From that point you took control of the project sourcing all of the tradespeople and managing them to meet the deadline for sale. All that was left for me to do was to approve quotes and pay for them. Any arising issues were taken care of with appropriate urgency and all of this was done for a very reasonable fee.

 In the areas of key decision making, it was clear I was put in the decision-making position. It was interesting how this was done at times, just by a pause in conversation or by not offering up a suggestion. In other arguably less critical decisions, like the color of the bathroom tiles, strong recommendations were made with good reasoning and excellent results.

 The auction itself equally deserves comment. My parents attended the auction and my dad’s comments were that you 'really handled the event', with the emphasis on 'handled'. Listening in on the phone, I completely concur with that observation.

 Managing the expectations of sellers can't be an easy thing. However, receiving the initial Taplin’s prospectus, a realistic expectation was set and an estimated sell price of $450-460K was arrived at by yourself. I don't know if there are bonuses for hitting such targets but the final sale price of $455K was a bullseye in my book!

 In my experience of selling a house with Taplin’s, the 'Professionals' company moniker is completely accurate. Any concern I had along the way (and I mean any concern) was listened to and addressed. I can comfortably say the worry was taken out of the whole process. The other thing I noticed was that I was also having fun! What a great attribute to be able to combine enjoyment and professionalism in the right measure, and what a great asset to Taplin’s to have someone who can do this for clients.

 Your Sincerely,

 Mark Palenschus

Dear David,

Just to let you know how helpful Taplin’s have been and in particular yourself.

Yesterday I received the gobsmacking confirmation regarding the sale of 2 hall Street. Actually, seeing made my spirits lift,

even though I'm holding my breath until may 3rd. I noticed the date 15th April, plus priority posting paid. It took 5 days to arrive.

I phoned asset conveyancing and Shannon confirmed they had only just received verifications from Taplin’s and she said they will post the 

documents to me to sign. When I realised that Monday was Anzac Day I panicked, that could mean late next Tuesday before the asset documents arrived.

So, this morning I took my passport for ID and went in at 9.00am to expediate the conveyancing, apparently, they also need my birth certificate. I met Paul who agreed to proceed.

I told him that you would surely confirm my identity as genuine. So, David without the letter from Taplin’s there would have been less than one week for the conveyancing. Whew!!

Thank you and my appreciation for everything, Ann.

Dear Monique,

Thank you for all your work in looking after our property. I won’t hesitate to use Taplin’s again in the future and will highly recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Monique your communication is always timely and clear and I have so appreciated your professional service in managing my property as if it were your own. You will definitely get an invite to the house warming party!

Many Thanks, Miriam